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Kelly Smith

Kelly was formerly a freelance writer with experience in covering the financial markets. She has been contributing content to Sharps Pixley for the last year and is a key member of our team.


Comment from Kelly Smith

  • Disconnectedness; Gold, Equities and the Real Economy

    The U.S. Comex gold futures fell 0.84 percent this week after falling 1.88 percent last week. In contrast, the Dollar Index climbed 0.54 percent after climbing 1.24 percent the week before.Wednesday, 15 May 2013

  • Easing Bias of Global Central Banks, Currencies and Gold

    The U.S. Comex gold futures surged 1.72 percent on Wednesday but retreated 0.35 percent on Thursday to $1,468.60. Gold weakened further by about 0.60 percent during Friday Asian morning. From the recent trough, the gold futures have...Friday, 10 May 2013

  • Gold Prices Buffered by Retail Buyers Despite Traders’ Bearishness

    The U.S. Comex gold futures fell 1.76 percent on Wednesday and rebounded 1.48 percent on Thursday to end at $1,467.60, a decline of 12.4 percent year-to-date. The Dollar Index surged 0.91 percent on Thursday to 82.224 after falling 1.23...Friday, 03 May 2013

  • The Hunger for (Cheaper) Gold Continues Unabated

    The U.S. Comex gold futures surged 4.76 percent to $1,462.0 on Thursday, about 6.6 percent below the closing level of 11 April before the rout occurred. During Asian Friday morning, the gold futures reached as high as 1,484.80.Friday, 26 April 2013

  • The Shorts in Gold are Exiting

    After rebounding for three consecutive days, the U.S. Comex gold futures fell 0.87 percent on Tuesday and ended at $1,408.08. As of Wednesday Asian morning, the gold futures surged close to one percent.Wednesday, 24 April 2013

  • Gold Underperformed in Q1; What to Expect in Q2?

    The U.S. Comex gold futures dropped 4.83 percent in Q1 2013, the first back-to-back quarterly losses since March 2000. In the past two days, the gold futures retreated 1.18 percent to end at $1,575.90 on Tuesday and were further down 0.5...Wednesday, 03 April 2013

  • Gold Rally Stalled Although European Banks Not Out of the Woods

    The U.S. Comex gold futures started the week on a weaker tone, falling 0.65 percent in the past two days. While the S&P 500 index rebounded 0.65 percent this week, the Euro Stoxx 50 index fell 1.51 percent after falling in the past three...Wednesday, 27 March 2013

  • Watching Cyprus and Gold’s Physical Demand

    The U.S. Comex gold futures rose 1.35 percent this week and ended at $1,613.80 on Thursday. Gold has risen for three consecutive weeks, but has fallen 3.70 percent year-to-date.Friday, 22 March 2013

  • Gold Reacting to Rising Elements of European Risks

    The U.S. Comex gold futures climbed 1.17 percent this week after rising 1.29 percent in the previous two weeks on the back of heightened concerns of the European debt crisis. The S&P 500 index dropped almost 1 percent from its recent high...Wednesday, 20 March 2013

  • Pro-Growth Tone in Europe and Optimal Gold Allocation

    The U.S. Comex gold futures have risen 0.88 percent this week, ending at $1,590.70 on Thursday. Gold prices have risen for two consecutive weeks after falling in the previous four weeks.Friday, 15 March 2013